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Equipment Registers

Focus360 provides you with a variety Equipment registers to enable you to record and track equipment your business may use.

From vehicles, mobile plant and equipment, harnesses, tools, electrical equipment etc.... you are provided with a means to track, inspect and service your equipment.

Service dates, expiry dates and license renewals etc...can all be tracked and Focus360 will send email reminders  to ensure nothing is forgotten and all your equipment is always up to date.

Electrical Equipment Register






Fill in the details below for all electrical equipment you use. NOTE: If using a ‘hardcopy’ of this form, once details are completed place the record in a file marked ‘’Electrical Equipment Register’ in your WHS Folder. If you do not already have such a folder, please set aside a folder called ‘WHS Folder’ immediately.







Person Responsible:

Electrical Equipment description – name of device

Inspection and Testing Frequency

Testing Electrician Name and Contact Number

Last Test Date/Inspection

Next Inspection Date: