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Q. First Aid Requirements for my Workplace

Q. First Aid Requirements for my Workplace

Ensuring that first aid is provided to ill or injured workers is an essential part of your duty of care.

If an incident occurs in your workplace, you must ensure that first aid is provided until either:

  • the injured person recovers; or
  • more advanced car arrives.

The rapid application of first aid to an ill or injured worker can reduce the severity of their illness or injury, and can also reduce the amount of rehabilitation needed later on.

First aiders must have a valid nationally recognised first aid certificate from a registered training organisation.

You must provide first aiders with refresher training at least once every 3 years so they retain the qualification.

A first aid kit should have a white cross on a green back ground to comply with Australian standards. A red cross on a white background is a logo for the Australian Red Cross and should not be used in a workplace.

Phone numbers of emergency services should be clearly displayed near your first aid kit and in other appropriate locations e.g. staffroom.

For further information check the link below and the relevant legislation in your State.

Australian Resuscitation Council