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Q. Who owns the content if I cancel our membership?

Q. Who owns the content if I cancel our membership?
A. You are the owner of any content you create using the Focus360 system, but without our platform it is differcult for you to view those records.

You can, however keep copies of any of the files you have uploaded to the system on your own computer and, you can click on most of the online forms you have filled in on the system (like the inspection form) and view in a printable format -- where you can then decide to save that file as PDF or print copies.
Further -- any of the 'List Views', such as those displaying the history of all inspections done, for example, you may take screen shots of.
So effectively, it would be up to the you, the member to save and export all your recorded information in the Focus360 system prior to you making the decision not to renew your membership.

However the Focus360 Safety Management  System was design to be simple, practical and affordable.

There are no upfront costs or complicated software to install just a very manageable ongoing monthly fee.

In fact in most cases the Focus360 system will more than pay for itself by saving you time and money.

If you ever run into financial problems simply talk to us and we can help you work your way through it.

We can even suspend your account and keep your records safe until your ready.