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Focus360 Online OHS management system for all small to medium Australian busines...

With new OHS laws being released nationally in Australia, it is now as important as it has ever been to ensure your workplace has an OHS management system in place to prove ongoing OHS compliance.

Occupational Health and Safety or OHS (Work Health and Safety - WHS) is about protecting people in places of work from the risk of injury or illness.

As of 1st January 2012, the government via their WorkCover or WorkSafe authority in each state will release their Work Health Safety Acts, which mirror the national framework. This ensures that OHS (WHS) legislation from state to state is virtually the same, saving some of the time and confusion that currently exists.

Employers in each workplace must comply with the State WHS (OHS) legislation which applies to them.

Having OHS systems in place is the best method for ensuring ongoing compliance and a system will have its ownOHS plan- which ensures a systemised approach over time to identifying hazards, controlling risks, engaging the workforce for feedback and to improve OHS performance throughout.

If any business does notcomply with OHS legislation, there will of course be heavy penalties.

Focus360 has anOHS management system online that allows easy work for OHS compliance with no upfront cost, just a low monthly fee.

Focus360 ensures that all joined members understand what to do, how to do it and when to do it by auto building anOHS Planfor each then sending regular email reminders with instructions on what to do next.

Focus360 members never have to think about what to do next as the Focus360management system onlinewill ensure that nothing is ever forgotten.

The Focus360online OHS systemwas built in line with Australian Standard 4801.

Using the Focus360 system allows all businesses - large or small to work on a simpleOHS planmethod tocomply with OHS legislation.