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Focus360 system - Compliance is easy!


The Focus360 Safety Management system is the premier WHS management tool in the competitive online market.

Why Focus360?

By talking to many different business owners and their staff over this time, we experienced first-hand just how little time most had to commit to OHS. It became increasingly clear that some workplaces (who did have systems) were using over-complicated and extremely complex systems. What was even more worrying was that some workplaces didn't even have an OHS system in place.

With or without an OHS system in place, Focus360 systems adapt to your workplace to make OHS quick and simple.

How Focus360 systems works

The Focus360 system works by issuing an ongoing series of email reminders, which prompt members to undertake OHS-related tasks.

A typical member would login four times per month and would perform such tasks as:

A monthly workplace inspection, new staff inductions, load some contractor insurance details (so they cannot lapse without the member knowing), and possibly lodge an incident report.

Each system task is very easy to perform and the details can be saved by keying into the online Focus360 system. One of the key features (of the system) is that each task records a date for follow up so that the member will be notified through an email when they need to monitor how an issue has progressed. Each member can also view a 'My History' section of all records created at any time. Using Focus360 makes OHS very easy. Focus360 makes OHS sense.

Who needs Focus360?

The answer in short - every small - medium sized business in most fields. It is a common misconception that OHS and having an OHS (management) system is optional. This is not the case.

According to the various state-based OHS Acts, Regulations and Australian Standard 4801 (OHSMS), every business in Australia must have a mechanism in place to routinely review and improve OHS within the workplace (an OHS Management System). With Focus360, businesses can feel more comfortable that they are compliant with all relevant OHS legislation.