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Property and Real Estate OHS easy with Focus360 OHS online systems

The Focus360 online OHS system has a workplace safety management system specifically designed for the property and real estate based working environment.

Focus360 makes OHS easy, by offering an online OHS system to businesses in the property and real estate sector to assist them with OHS compliance.

The Focus360 online property and real estate ohs system has no upfront cost, just a low monthly fee.

The unique Focus360 online system email reminders inform businesses when they need to action an item and each email explains how to use the online tools in their Focus360 Member Area to record the task.

Such tasks as ohs risk assessments, putting together ohs plans and having a greater understanding of the ohs laws are easily done using the Focus360 online ohs system.

The following industries are built into the Focus360 online ohs system:

  • Warehouse OHS system
  • Manufacturing OHS system
  • Tradesperson OHS system
  • Child care OHS system
  • Aged care OHS system
  • Retail OHS system
  • Office OHS system
  • Marina OHS system
  • Car dealership OHS system
  • Mechanic OHS system
  • Printing company OHS system
  • Hospitality OHS system
  • Casino OHS system
  • Pharmacy OHS system
  • Newsagent OHS system
  • Farming and Agriculture OHS system
  • Property and Real estate OHS system
  • Mobile Business OHS system

The Focus360 online OHS system was built on Australian Standard 4801 (OHS management systems).

The Focus360 online OHS system can be used by any sized business and users do not have to have any prior knowledge of OHS and nor do they need to understand an OHS plan.

For property and real estate ohs systems there is only one choice: Focus36