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Free Compliance Check

Free Compliance Check

Contact us today for a free compliance check of your business.

One of our Focus360 Safety Managers will come to your business and review your existing Safety systems and provide you with a written report on our findings, free of charge.

For businesses with questions about compliance, this can be a handy guide.

  • No understanding of safety responsibilities
  • No time or money being allocated to safety
  • Safety not seen as a high priority
  • No safety initiatives in place
  • A poor safety example being set by management
  • No safety consultation procedures
  • No encouragement of worker participation in safety issues
  • Worker opinions on safety matters not valued or acted upon
  • No identification or control of safety risks
  • No safe work practices employed
  • Responsibility for safety left to individual employees
  • No induction for new employees
  • No provision of safety training
  • No education of staff on safety issues
  • No checks on the ability of staff to do tasks safely
  • No safety supervision or reporting procedures
  • No reporting of incidents or reviews following incidents
  • No workers compensation policy
  • No employee return-to-work program and no assistance in returning to work after an injury.

If you recognise any of these problem areas in your business you need to contact Focus360 now and find out just how simple it is to meet all you safety obligations.

Contact Focus360 today and find out just how simple it is: 1300 209 205