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Integrated Reports

Integrated Reports

A simple graphical dashboard allows you to quickly monitor all Key Performance Indicators.

You can instantly determine non compliance by location at glance  through the dashboard which is colour coded Green - Compliant, Orange - Partial Compliance, Red - Non Compliant. There is also a number rating 1 being the highest and 5 the lowest so you can tell at a glance if there are any issues.

Inspection forms, audits, risk assessments, incident and accident reports are all available in real time.

Easily manage information from across your organisation on a powerful reporting platform.

Access your data anywhere, anytime - all in real time.

Don't waste hours each month compiling data to produce reports. All the reports you need are right at your finger tips.

Saves you time, money and resources.

Satisfy the requirements of auditors, regulatory bodies and   Insurers.

Present tender documents that boost your company image and show you are serious about safety.

Seamlessly manage and control reporting to drive your business forward.