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Injury Management

Injury Management

Injury Management and Return to Work Programs are becoming an important part of any business.

It is in everyone's best interest for injured workers to get back to work as soon as possible.

Studies have shown workers health improves quicker if the return to work even of light duties instead of sitting around at home.

By focusing on your workers rehabilitation you are not only reducing the time they are off work but also reducing the cost to your business.

There are even some legislative requirements for business owners  to provide Injury Management and Return to Work options.

Focus360 provides you with all the documentation and procedures you need to manage a Workers Compensation claim  and coordinate your employees return to work.

One of our Safety Managers can even manage any claims for you leaving you to focus on your business.

The legislation in this area is very complicate and forever changing.

Our Safety Managers deal with these matters everyday and are supported by a National Network of Safety professional with many years experience.

Workers compensation premiums can increase drastically if you have a bad claims history adding thousands to your premium costs.

In some cases the savings you make by using Focus360 can more than pay for the cost.

A serious workers compensation claim or even death can cripple any business and lead you tied up in legal action for years.

New Safety laws have also been introduced in some areas that can see Business owners, Managers and Supervisors serve Prison Terms for not providing a safe place of work.