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Safe & Secure

Focus360 is a cloud based Safety Management System so you and your staff can access the system anywhere you have internet access on any smart device, telephone, tablet, laptop or computer.

Information can be accessed and distributed in real time.

The system is protected by the same level of security as an online banking system.

No one can access your company information unless they have your login details and our systems are regularly put through the vigorous industry standard security test by Pure Hacking and have never failed.

You have unlimited space to upload documentation and most of our tools are online and are saved on our two servers. Maximum file upload is 3Mb, but you may upload as many files as you see fit.

There are two servers - one in Canberra ACT Trans and one in Melbourne. Backed up once per month offsite. In six and half years we have had not one single technical glitch, much less a system shut down.