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Safety Mates Program

Focus360 can provide you with a part time Safety Advisor who will learn your business and manage all your safety obligations for you at a fraction of the time and cost of setting up your own system or employing a full time Safety Advisor.

Business Owners, Operators, Managers and Supervisors all have a ''duty of care'' to manage their work activities to ensure they provide:

- A safe place of work.

- Safe systems of work.

- Employee safety training.

Further, you must ensure that Contactors, Visitors or any other Person is not affected or exposed to risk or hazard as a result of your work activities. 

With our Fully Managed Safety Mates Package we can lift that burden and give you the security of knowing that you’re Safety and that of your employees is taken care of.

Not only can they help you put the missing pieces into your safety program, they can also come in on a regular basis to monitor and review your program to ensure continuous improvement.

Focus360 will appoint your very own Safety Advisor who will learn your business, drive the Safety culture and manage all aspects of Safety.

You select how many hours that they work each month, from as little as two (2) hour per month. Not only can they help put the missing pieces into your existing safety program they can come in on a regular basis to monitor and review your program to ensure you are on track and maintaining continuous improvement.

These costs are paid monthly and can be fixed for up to three (3) years so you know exactly what your Safety costs are going to be.

Best of all you don’t have you burden of huge upfront Software costs, it’s all included.

And – unlike paper based systems everything is online so you can view it anywhere you have internet access through your mobile device, smart phone, tablet or laptop.

Your supervisors, contractors and workers will always have access to a real time Focus360 Safety System when and where they need it.

Audits, Inspections, Equipment checks, hazard and incident reports etc.…can all be entered as they happen and everybody in your organisation updated in real time.

Our Safety Advisors have full access to the most up to date technology and information so you’re Workplace Safety can be managed at a fraction of the time and cost of developing your own in-house system.

Backed by a National Network of Safety Professionals our fully managed Safety Mates Program can give you the added benefit of 24 hour a day, 7 days a week emergency and accident assistance. If there is an accident at your site or business anywhere in Australia we will be available to help you manage it.

Contact Focus360 today and find out just how simple it: 1300 209 205